acrylic painting Metaphysical Still Life

Metaphysical Still-Life

2018. Acrylic & tempera on cardboard. 30″ x 40″ (76.2 cm. x 101.6 cm.)

This painting is in some way reflective of my recent work where, in the space of still-life I explore simple geometric shapes such as spheres, cones, or cubes. Here pyramids are used. Along with all existing meanings in World Culture, it is also a primitive figure, basic in the drawing studies. As well as children’s toys.
Besides the pyramids on the table, drawn in the reverse perspective, there are a lot of mystical objects, the destination of some is unknown. You can find fruits and a wine glass.
I strived to reach a stage where objects cease to be recognizable and lose their purpose. All this takes place against the backdrop of the Baroque landscape inspired by Claude Lorrain’s Painting, but more disturbing and dramatic, in accordance with the mood of the painting.

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