Neither One Nor Many


Acrylic & tempera on cardboard

30″ x 40″ (76.2 x 101.6 cm)




about me

Maxim Bondarenko is a Sacramento-based artist who experiments with color, texture, and composition to create paintings, drawings, and mixed media pieces. His work invites the viewer to enter a space where ordinary objects are reimagined and their visual qualities become symbols.

In mixed media artworks, through careful technical manipulations on cardboard and paint, he strives to create a fresh yet ancient and timeless feel to his artwork. His current art philosophy and techniques are the result of focusing on the Culture of a Stroke and experimenting with “oldened” textures.

He mixes post-impressionistic techniques with elements of magic realism and surrealism in his oil paintings. By using different textures, he attempts to express various spiritual and emotional states of the objects and their environment.
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