Private Lake. 2023. Oil on canvas. 18″ x 24″ (46 cm. x 61 cm.)

Private Lake

2023. Oil on canvas. 18″ x 24″ (61 cm. x 46 cm.)
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‘Private Lake’ invites the viewer to contemplate the complex and ever-changing nature of humanity. The painting is a fusion of pointillism, which is used to depict the male body, and impressionism, which is used to depict flowers and landscape. The artwork offers a deep exploration of the enigmatic layers that define the human soul, sensuality, and the transient beauty that colors our existence.

In simpler terms, the artist has used the male body as a canvas to depict the complex and diverse aspects of human emotions, experiences, and identity. The use of individual dots to construct the body highlights the idea that every person has a multitude of intricate facets within them. On the other hand, the portrayal of flowers and landscapes in an impressionistic style represents the ever-changing and transient nature of life and beauty. This is because flowers bloom and fade, while landscapes transform with time. The interplay of light and color in this style conveys the ephemeral and fleeting nature of these subjects.