Acrylic & Tempera

Prendi Mi


Acrylic & tempera on cardboard
H23.6″ x W35.4″ (H60 cm. x W90 cm.)
Moscow, Russia


This work will be shipped in a dent-resistant tube.
It can easily be framed upon receiving.

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About Artwork

This painting was made in Moscow, Russia, 2008.

During production, the paper was processed with multiple washes and chemical reactions.
Acrylic paints mixed with tempera create unpredictable decorative patterns, old looking textures, and many different effects that allow achieving a very rich and diverse color gamma and emotional pallette.

Artwork Specs

  • Medium: Acrylics & Tempera
  • Material: Paperboard, Utrecht Chipboard
  • Size: H23.6″ x W35.4″ (H60 cm. x W90 cm.)
  • Created: Moscow, Russia
  • Signed
  • Shipped in a rigid tube
  • Prints are available

Size is approximate due to paper processing.
Please specify the exact measurements prior to frame order.

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