acrylic painting Dreamer I

Dreamer I

2018. Acrylic & tempera on cardboard. 30″ x 40″ (76.2 cm. x 101.6 cm.)

A series of works expressing a human’s personality, not only in the usual manner of a bouquet of flowers but also of accompanying furniture. This is an attempt to convey a sense of constraint by domestic (earthy) circumstances and at the same time living a flourishing intellectual and spiritual life. Glass balls belonging to the earthly world are conductors upward, but we must pay attention that the source of light in each of the balls is different, the perspective and optics of each of the balls are their own. Each of the objects distorts reality in its own way. In the second work of the cycle, the function of balls is performed by cones, but this is another job, another space, and the rules of the game are already different.

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