acrylic painting Indifferent SunIndifferent Sun

Indifferent Sun

2018. Acrylic & tempera¬†on cardboard. 30″ x 40″ (76.2 cm. x 101.6 cm.)
Private Collection

Another work, where I depart from the impressionistic technique adopted during my academic period. Along with the opposite perspective, I depict objects flat in the manner of Russian medieval iconography. Contradictory, uncharacteristic for Impressionism, the color solution is an emotional discipline, language. I do not set as the goal of the enjoyment of complementary colors, in favor of focusing on an alarming and oddly solemn red and blue combination. Dominant colors are the most basic – red, blue, and yellow.

I always manifest that I do not do poster art. Here I’m on the verge of that because of the subject.

To emphasize the archaism and a certain prayerful concentration, I artificially age the plane. The painting depicts the Sun, God, the Lord of the World, Some (any) higher power that is incomprehensible and incompatible to the human senses. Instead of a head a solar crown, instead of hands – claws of a monster. The sun holds a chalice in the manner of a Christian, thereby indicating (the requirement) the inevitability of the sacrifice. One of the cups is overturned, but there are many more. A personalized vase with a bouquet of flowers screams in horror. Flowers at the same time glow in the light of the Lord.